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Maxgrepp Handrims AB's history: 

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In 1937 my grandfather Gunnar Niklasson started the company Niklassons Gummiverkstad  AB. 

In 1978, my father Karl-Olof Niklasson took over the company. The business then consisted of replacing and repairing tires on all kinds
of vehicles. In 1979, an employee suffered a workplace accident when he was to change the tire on a rock truck when the state built the world's largest storage space for oil storage. He broke his neck and became paralyzed from the heart to his feet. When he was to be rehabilitated there were no good drivers because he was a tetraplegic and had very poor hand function. The drive rings that existed then had large "knobs" and looked like the steering wheel of a ship. My father wanted to help him to an independent life and then he started to construct a pair of natural rubber drives that were adapted to help him in everyday life. Then his friends also wanted such drives with maximum grip and in that way it is. I myself started working in the company as a 9 year old on all weekends and vacant hours. In 1998, the production of ergonomic handrims began. After my father died in April 2017, the company was divided. My mother and sister continued to work with the tire business of Niklassons Gummiverkstad AB. In 2018 in July I started Maxgrepp Handrims AB in another building with 4 employees. 


We currently manufacture 3 types of drive rings: 

Maxgrepp Original: 

This drive ring is most suitable for tetraplegics and users with weak hand function. It is made of an aluminum tube which is then coated with a soft natural rubber. This is an allergy-free product that we have manufactured since 1980. It has a long service life when it gets better friction the more it is used. 

Maxgrepp Ergo Para: 

This drive ring is ergonomic and designed according to the hand and its function. The idea is to create a drive ring that the user can run for several years without getting any pain. The soft rubber surface creates a very effective grip so that more of the arm's force can be used for propulsion and less is possible to grip around the drive ring. The design also provides automatic finger protection. 


Maxgrepp Ergo CP: 

Is a further development of Ergo Para. The most hand-friendly drive ring that provides power transmission with minimal effort. It is possible to use the hand in two different positions, horizontally for good conditions and vertically for slopes or ramp with the possibility of ascents up to 20% and yet gentle for the hand. 

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